I can tell by the way she lows

Mae and Bobby Watkins My Grandmother and my Father

Mae and Bobby Watkins
My Grandmother and my Father

Have you seen my milk cow? No, probably not since no one has one anymore. It hasn’t been that long ago that everyone had their own milk cow along with a huge garden. It was just what Americans did. We provided most of our own food. We were self-supporting. It left no room for laziness. If you didn’t work you didn’t eat. There wasn’t a department store on every corner then. When you went to town it was to purchase sugar and flour. Yes, women made their own bread. I’m afraid cooking is an art that is being lost with modernism. It wasn’t that long ago that women had to cook. It wasn’t optional. If you didn’t cook your family didn’t eat.

We have changed so quickly. My Mother has told me stories of taking a bath in a wash tub that was set in the kitchen floor. My Aunt Vivian tells of my Grandmother tacking newspapers to the walls to keep the wind out. I have heard that my Father’s Mother would add another cup of water to the soup when there was another mouth to feed. Going to church on Sunday was an event because you never went anywhere. Church was a place where you kept up with your neighbors.

Thurman and Mae They look so very tired. It could have been the 12 children she bore though.

Thurman and Mae
They look so very tired. It could have been the 12 children she bore though.

Things are so very different now. Laundry is much easier to do. Of course the rich folks had servants to do their hard work back then but I did not come from such stock. My ancestors were poor in money but rich in family. The food was very good because the women took pride in their gardens and their cooking skills. I wish that part of America wasn’t being left behind.


18 thoughts on “I can tell by the way she lows

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  3. Lynne Chesters Nielsen

    Your writing reminded me of Sundays at my Great Aunt’s small farm. Dinners, chats, and family. I need to make more of an effort to bring back Sunday dinners. Those dinners evoke positive memories, mostly that we were gathered together. It seems to me, when I look at the lives of others, including my own “global” family, we are so separate and traditions are hard to maintain. We are pulled in so many directions and we don’t “protect” and honour family time. We need to. Thank you for this beautiful post!

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  6. TIA

    I want these days back too, I’m just scared I won’t like it when I start! Next year, I have made a pact to do a real garden here! Wish me luck:)

    1. snoogiefisk Post author

      Awesome! We still grow a few vegetables in raised beds but we don’t keep the big garden that we used to. There is nothing to compare with a home grown tomato.

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    1. snoogiefisk Post author

      You just can’t go to the grocery store and buy vegetables that taste like home grown. I agree, the chemicals have altered the flavor of everything.

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