What would you do?

What would happen if you really did live each day like it were your last? Is that really possible? What would you do differently?

First of all I would have tiramisu for breakfast and prosciutto with exotic cheeses for lunch. My health would go out the window as I plunged into decadent pastries. In reality I don’t think it’s possible to live each day as your last when it comes to eating. I think we are natural pleasure seekers and would kill ourselves in diet alone.

Is there anywhere this theory could be used? I’m pretty happy with my life as it is so I’m not sure what I would do differently. I don’t have children so I have no problem finding “me” time.  I suppose some people might take more financial risks in an effort to live life to its fullest but I don’t think that’s for me.  I am not financially rich but I have everything that I want.  Some of my favorite things don’t cost a dime.  People look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them that I don’t want to win the lottery. Seriously, do you know how much work is involved in taking care of millions of dollars? I don’t need the worry.

I think maybe Nicolas Boileau had it right. “He who lives content with little possesses everything.”

I think maybe if today were to be my last that I wouldn’t change a thing.

2 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. Gloria

    I feel pretty much the same. I don’t even have a bucket list. Can’t think of anything that I just have to do before I die. I have thought and thought and not one thing comes to mind. I am happy as I am. I don’t try to keep up with the Jones which many people waste so much time doing that and for what. I don’t want to get in debt to take 3 or 4 vacations a year so I can one up the neighbors.g. Close my garage door and I am on vacation. The world is out there and I am safe in A/C and having an afternoon nap.


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