My Labor of Choice


The locusts are loud today. I was taking the dogs out to do their business and was a little overwhelmed at all the fuss the locusts are kicking up today. Yes, I am at work. I work in a barn. I know how weird that sounds but I am an Admin doing payroll and paying invoices from the top floor of a barn. It is very peaceful here. I wear my flip flops to work and some days I never see a soul. Before you envy me you should know that I took a huge pay cut to come here. It was worth it to me.


I enjoy what I do. Spreadsheets and forms make me giddy. I’m nerdy like that. Sometimes I’m the complaint department though I have no authority. It’s just that someone has to listen. So I do.  Pearl and Jasper have learned to love going to work. They are my security detail. If someone is climbing the stairs of the barn they will let me know. They don’t get paid for their work but security is in their blood. It is what they live for.


I have no idea how long this job will last as my boss is 82 years old. He has made a deal with God to live to the age of 96 though so I still have a little ways to go. Let’s hope God is with him on this bargain.

4 thoughts on “My Labor of Choice

    1. snoogiefisk Post author

      That they do. We had a very large swarm of them back in the 90’s that were so loud it was deafening. The day they stopped was really creepy though. We had grown accustomed to them.

  1. gs6867

    One night we would sitting outside and Rogar asked me “what is that noise”. I said what noise? “Can’t you hear that? It is deafening!!!!!” I am still thinking what noise are you talking about and then it occurred to me. It was locusts. I hear them all the time so I never think anything but isn’t that a soothing background noise. I guess Canada has never seen a locust so to him it drives him nuts. Not a long road to go but… then I had to come inside and google them so he could see what they look like. The very next day I found a skin that one had shed so I gave it to him as a present. I don’t know how pleased he was with the present but he got one anyway. Probably when we go to Canada in two weeks he won’t hear the moose and elk but they will drive me nuts.

    You have the perfect job. As we have talked before money is not the only thing you have to take into consideration, peace of mind is much more important and enjoying going to work each day is worth a lot. And now since the old man has learned your name hey life is great…..


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