I wonder will they ever come back? It happens every day. Another one is lost. The beast has taken their soul. They live for the next level. It is worse than Meth. Heroin is no match. They will leave their lives and all of its responsibilities to get past just one more level. They are desperate. Seeking tickets on Facebook from anyone who will listen. They beg. They cry. The addiction is stronger than them.

What can I do to help? They will not listen to reason. We have deadlines to meet. We have laundry to fold and yet….it’s there, calling their name, haunting their sleep. Oh my sweet friends, can anyone save you? Is there any hope left for humanity. Who knew it would go this far?

My lamentations go unheard. The candy calls them from deep within. I have lost. They are gone. Soon their eyes will cross from strain. Candy Crush has taken them all.

7 thoughts on “HELP ME…..

  1. gs6867

    It is addicting. I have been on the same level for weeks now. Of course, I am not going to pay for tokens or whatever they are it is just me against candy crush.

  2. lovinchelle

    Cafe world used to own me and I work in a restaurant lol. I posted a few photos if the houses I was referring to yesterday I forgot I deleted a few posts and they were in there.


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