Good Morning World

Dogwood blooming at the Cabin

Dogwood blooming at the Cabin


Did you stop to smell the breeze this morning? When I get to the barn each morning I make a point to stop and smell the air. Granted, I have the nose of a blood hound but there is something about the way a morning smells that makes me smile. The earth has awakened again and I get a giant do-over. Sometimes when I arrive I find wild rabbits awaiting my return. They look at me and acknowledge my arrival. They are used to me by now.

I love mornings. I especially enjoy the very early mornings. I like to step outside and look up at the stars before the sun comes up. I wonder what today will bring. I can look at the morning sky and state my wishes knowing full well that it is up to me to make them come true. I can make this day what I want it to be. I can change the course of things for others with a smile or kind gesture. I may choose to read and learn something new. I may work hard and fulfill that need to be useful. I can make this day go anyway I want. I simply have to choose to.

In the very early mornings, if you are in the right place, you can hear the coyotes sing. I love their morning songs. They are soothing to me. I love to sit with a cup of coffee and listen to them welcome in the new day. Soon the birds will start practicing their songs for the day. The earth is preparing with great hope. Who am I to be sad or weary? Just listen. Just smell. Be quiet in your soul for a moment. The stars are brighter now, right before the sun comes up. I know there is nothing that I cannot do.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning World

  1. dogsarentkids

    Sounds like you live in some kind of fairytale land where there aren’t screaming kids on skateboards and barking dogs outside your window 😉 I wish I could have such a peaceful morning.. uber jealous!

    I go out every morning, about 7am. I wake up at 5am to take the dogs out, but I’m only half awake. Sometimes I remember everyone can see me in my PJs with no bra, and remember a hoodie.

    1. snoogiefisk Post author

      Oh dear, I live in a very small town and work out in the country. Once a month I spend a weekend at our cabin which is smack dab in the middle of nowhere. Google doesn’t even recognize it as a location. Sometimes my neighbors kids do come to look over the fence and say high to me. I guess I do live in fairytale land!

      1. dogsarentkids

        That’s awesome!

        We’re kind of in a small city inside a bigger metro city, so it’s filled with traffic and large trucks and just all different types of LOUD.

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