Weekly Challenge – When reality strikes


I tried to live in the land of make believe but reality keeps coming back. I wore my favorite Hello Kitty outfit today in hopes that the animals would come alive and play with me. They never do. My Mother says the Tooth Fairy put that quarter under my pillow last night but I’m pretty sure it’s a lie. I am so disappointed. Where is this land where the tigers are bouncy and the bears are sweet? It doesn’t really exist.  I wait here by the white horse but the prince never comes. He is not real either. I bet Santa is a lie to. We don’t even have a chimney.

I don’t know what to do now. Should I tell my little brother the truth before they break his heart too? Why must grownups be so cruel? Did they think I would never figure out their lies myself? I think I need a happy meal to make me feel better. I just can’t think with all of this going on. I’ve been trying to get to Sesame Street for so long now. Every time I ask my Mother to take me there she always has an excuse.  I don’t know what to believe anymore.

Oh Elmo, why must you mock me with your laugh? And Dora, you’ve probably never even left the house. I’ll bet George isn’t even curious. Do the wheels on the bus really go round and round? I have to question everything they told me.  OH GOD! I have to give up my princess dream too?

Alas, I think I’ll grow up to be a Realist. Then I’ll go to Disney Land and expose them for the liars that they are.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge – When reality strikes

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