The Fortune Cookie


Have you ever noticed that the fortune cookie is not prejudice? It does not matter your religion, race, color, creed, sexual orientation or political standings. When you are handed a fortune cookie you open it with baited breath. I don’t even know who or what it is that we believe these fortunes are coming from. Is it fate, God, the universe? It couldn’t possibly be just a random piece of paper folded into a cookie in an American factory. These are works from the spiritual realm! I believe in my cookie!

I have sat across from my Mother at the Panda House anxiously awaiting to hear her fortune as she giggles and holds a hand over her mouth because the crunchy cookie might escape her clutches. On the edge of my seat she announces “I need to rekindle an old friendship.” She looks at me completely serious and asks “I wonder who that might be?” She believes in the cookie too.

How did this happen? There is no book teaching the wisdom of the cookie. No building full of people studying about the cookie.  And yet, we all believe. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t believe in the cookie. I’ve never seen anyone refuse to open and read the cookie. Even if you’ve eaten two plates of lo mien from the buffet, you will still eat that cookie. You will hurriedly open that cellophane to discover your fate for today.

As you go to the church of your choice on this fine Sunday morning just remember, no matter what your beliefs, you will join me at the Panda House at noon to respect the cookie.

3 thoughts on “The Fortune Cookie

  1. dogsarentkids


    If you open a fortune cookie, but fail to look at the fortune before eating the cookie, you’re a pessimist.

    If you read the fortune and don’t believe in the fortune, you’re a cynic.

    If you refuse to open the cookie because you think it’s stupid, you’re a douchebag.

    But seriously.. who doesn’t open one and read the fortune with delight, knowing it is telling you everything you didn’t know about yourself? I refuse to believe there are people at computers writing out brilliant fortunes and putting them in cookies in factories. No. Impossible.


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