Opinion Agreement


Warning, I may have opinions and may possibly speak them. If you are offended by my opinion do not worry. It is of no monetary value. Please ignore any of my opinions that do not agree with your opinions.* Our opinions may not play well together. You may argue with my opinion if you wish though this may be unfruitful as I am stubborn. I am unlikely to change my opinion though it has happened before. Please respect my right to have an opinion.

My opinion is greatly jaded by my perspective. It is unlikely that your opinion will mirror my opinion as you are looking from a different perspective. In the event that our opinions come near each other please do not feel the need to compromise your opinion in order to exactly align with my opinion. I assure you that I will not be offended.

On the occasions that your opinion is at an exact polar opposite of my opinion I promise not to attack your opinion in any way. It is your right to have that opinion.

This opinionated agreement has been reached on the Fifteenth day of August in the year of our Lord Two Thousand Thirteen.**

* Alcohol may increase these opinions.

** Void where prohibited. Some assembly required. Please do not shower while blow drying your hair. Smoking cigarettes may damage your lungs.

3 thoughts on “Opinion Agreement

  1. Gloria

    Well, kido all of us have our opinions and sometimes we agree and sometimes we think the other is nuts. But that is just the world. We are all entitled to have an opinion and to voice it. There are times when I feel like I am right but later find out that I do not have all the facts. I am reasonable and if I don’t have all the facts then I am willing to change my opinion, however, there must be something to back up the new information that was given to me.

    I am very big on first impressions and am hardly wrong on my first impressions of someone or something.

    I do not like it when my opinion is different from someone elses and because of that they try to put me down and make me feel insignificant. When this happens there is going to be a war so others better get out of the way.


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