Conversations with Pearl – Ode to Earth

Pearly Girl

Pearly Girl

Me: Pearl, why do you smell funny?

Pearl: I don’t smell funny.

Me: Ok then, why do you stink?

Pearl: I most certainly do not stink!

Me: You smell like something that died last week.

Pearl: Oh that. I found that in the back yard. It was kind of crusty so it was hard to get the scent off of it.

Me: You know I’m going to give you a bath now right?

Pearl: Why?? Do you know what I went through to get this Ode to Earth? I had to fall down on the ground and scrape my face across this crusty thing 17 times before it provided adequate scenting.

Me: Of course, and to think I just spritz perfume from a bottle.

Pearl: Spritz? Really? Can we go to Wal-Mart and see if they have any three day old possum scent?

Me: Um…I don’t think they have that kind of smell in a bottle. How about something that smells like lavender?

Pearl: You are so gross. I can’t believe you want me to smell like a plant.

Me: You’re probably right. Dead possum is a much better scent.

Pearl: Thank you.

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