Coversations with Pearl – The Cabin

Suffering at the Cabin

Suffering at the Cabin

Pearl: Ohhh, woe is me….

Me: Oh Pearl, it is not that bad.

Pearl: WOE is me…

Me: I just took you to the cabin. It’s not like it was the jungles of Africa or something.

Pearl: Oh it was worse! My paw-i-cure is ruined! It’s a place for savages!

Me: Don’t you think you’re overreacting a bit?

Pearl: Oh no, the rocks hurt my paws and a tick crawled on me! A TICK!

Me: I promise you won’t die because a tick crawled on you.

Pearl: Oh I feel weak. Don’t forget that evil blackberry bushed that attacked me. I was nearly killed!

Me: Pearl, a bush cannot attack you.

Pearl: It did too! I was just walking by it and it reached out and grabbed my tail! Only savages would allow evil thorny bushes to attack a delicate Chihuahua such as I.

Me: I am sorry Pearl that you wagged your tail while walking by a blackberry bush.

Pearl: Oh the terror I suffered! I might need therapy now.

Me: Well, don’t worry. We won’t go back for at least a month.

Pearl: GO BACK? Are you crazy? DO I LOOK LIKE A COYOTE TO YOU? **swoons with paw on forehead**

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