Why do I care?


I find myself mourning the loss of someone who was not very good to me or my family. I’ve been asking myself all day why would I care that she left this earth? Is it only because she was in our lives for so long? I’ve tried to think of a good quality she might have had. A little speck of something she may have left on this earth that I should care. Maybe it is only pity I feel for her. That is what she always desired; pity. She told too many lies to count and neglected everyone and everything around her in order to be successful in her only goal in life. Her goal was to be a victim even if she had to lie to do it.

Harsh words, I know. Is it wrong to speak ill of the dead even when it’s the truth? I am sorry that she never chose to live. I am sorry that she refused to take care of herself or her family. I am sorry that she got angry every time someone called her on her lies or laziness. I am sorry for her immediate family. I am sorry that she refused to do the things that the Doctors told her to do. I am sorry that she loved being a victim. I am sorry that she wasted the life that was given to her. I am sorry that she never even tried.

Maybe I’m just hurt that she wouldn’t put forth effort. With a little bit of effort, things could have been very different.

4 thoughts on “Why do I care?

  1. Margaret Langridge

    I know exactly how you feel. Except the person I’m thinking of is still very much alive. Sometimes you just want to knock some sense into them and hope they get it eventually. It’s sad though when they don’t.

  2. Kim Hoffman

    Sorry for your loss– I don’t know why some people refuse to live, love and appreciate those around them and want everything to be about them…We only get one trip in this ride called life. BTW.. Love reading your blog, sweet friend!


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