Yes, that kinda makes your butt look big


Honesty is the best policy; sometimes, on occasion, when polite society allows. I have grappled with this concept my entire life. As a child I caused great embarrassment for my Mother as she sold Avon cosmetics and drug me with her. Upon entering a rather filthy home of a potential buyer I kindly assisted my mother in her sale of beauty grease and fancy smelling renderings. When it was time to go I decided to do a very good deed and offered to help this poor lady in the cleaning of her dirty house. I have no idea why my Mother blushed. The house was in fact very dirty and she should be proud of me for offering my services free of charge. Adults make very little sense. I have an Aunt that will tell you how I mentioned her sticky floors as a child. I just wanted to be helpful and was also being honest. I had yet to learn the art of ignoring the elephant in the room. I’m still not very good at that much to the chagrin of my Mother.

Why is honesty considered a bad thing in our society? I understand that you do not want to hurt someone’s feelings but if you knew I was coming to visit and didn’t bother to rake off a spot on the sofa for me to sit why is it improper for me to say something?

When I am shopping for new clothes and I ask the sales associate how a dress looks on me I expect her to tell me the truth. That is why I asked. If it makes my butt look big please tell me before I wear the thing to church. It actually makes me angry when someone placates me. I really want the truth. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have asked.

Me n Glo

I have one friend in particular that I can always count on to be honest with me. If she doesn’t like something she will make this face. She doesn’t have to say a word. We don’t always agree but I know how she feels about any matter. She actually did it to me last Sunday when I showed her my tattoo.  I knew she wouldn’t like it before I showed it to her. I think I just like seeing honesty. Even when you don’t agree with me.

2 thoughts on “Yes, that kinda makes your butt look big

  1. ramblingsmom

    Daughter of mine you were born at the end of a polite society. We were raised to say nice things or nothing at all. Society evolves. White gloves girdles, hair fixed every Saturday. I was the end of that era, each generation gets more relaxed. Now they dress extremely casual and hair in ponytail

  2. Leslie Braithwaite

    Don’t stop there Mother. Go look at people of walmart home page Yikes!!! These people so relaxed they are still in their PJ’s in public!!! Hello Leave spongebob booty shorts and silly string bra straps at home where they belong. or Personally even better Leave that CRAP on the store shelf where they found those band aids and silly string clothes, before making it part of public viewing attire.Stay out the little girls clothes, Your a grown woman. Geeez…


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