Conversations with Pearl – Hold me please


Pearl: Sigh….

Me: Huh?

Pearl: SIGH…..

Me: What?

Pearl: **stomps front paws** AHEM, SIGH….

Me: Are you having a problem Pearl?

Pearl: Me? No, I’m fine. Carry on with your typing.

Me: Ok then.

Pearl: **puts front paws on my leg and stretches** SIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH…..

Me: I’m trying to work Pearl. I have to get this done.

Pearl: Oh, it’s OK. I will be fine. Eventually…

Me: Good then, go lay down please.

Pearl: **goes back to bed**growls at Jasper**

Me: Pearl! Why are you being mean to Jasper??

Pearl: What? It’s warm where he was laying. I want the warm spot.

Me: You can’t be mean to him like that! Stop it!

Pearl: If you would give me the attention I need and deserve we wouldn’t have this problem now would we? It’s just like you to always blame me for your neglect!

Me: Neglect? What neglect?

Pearl: Clearly I have been trying to get you to show me the tiniest bit of attention all morning but no. You can’t possibly do that. You have put your typing before me yet again!

Me: I have to do this work. It is why they pay me to be here.

Pearl: See what I mean! You just admitted that you are a poor human and do not attend my needs very well.

Me: Umm…I don’t think that’s what I said.

Pearl: Oh, so you’re going to call me a liar also? Why don’t you just kick me while I’m down? ***sobs into paws***

Me: Ok Pearl. I will hold you while I type.

Pearl: **sniffles****climbs into chair with me** Hey! Scooch over! I need room to sleep here!


Pearl: I thought we just agreed that you were going to be a better human and take care of my needs. What happened to that?

Me: Sigh….I don’t know what I was thinking Pearl. Surely I can type from three feet away.

Pearl: Thank You! Sheesh!

5 thoughts on “Conversations with Pearl – Hold me please

  1. dogsarentkids

    Haha. This sounds familiar! I have spent many a day typing with one hand while the chihuahua or the chi-poo are in my other arm. Dogs are so damn needy.

      1. dogsarentkids

        Yep we do the same. Moogie has started laying on top of my feet when I’m sitting here. Then when it still doesn’t work, he grunts at me before walking off.

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