Eh? Say that again? No, still don’t get it.


“I believe in being real.”

I actually read that on someone’s page but I don’t get it. Are there people out there that believe in being fake? How would this conversation go?

Hilda: I believe in being fake.

Gertrude: Why is that Hilda?

Hilda: Well, people don’t really like me so I try to be fake as much as possible to ward off haters.

Gertrude: What a brilliant idea! I think I shall be fake also. I’m super excited about the number of friends I am about to acquire!

Hilda: I know. If we pretend to be what we are not then maybe we’ll be invited to more social events about things we don’t like. I’m so smart I impress myself.

Gertrude: Oh yes Hilda. I have never really liked you before but now that I know you have decided to be fake I’m thinking we could be FBFs.

Hilda: Fake Best Friends? What a marvelous idea!

“Just keepin it real dawg”

Ok, so I don’t get this one either. Apparently it is supposed to mean that you are not being fake and are being true to yourself…… opposed to what? Being untrue to yourself and not following your own beliefs/values? Why would anyone do that? Are there people that do that?

Hilda: I’m just keeping it real.

Gertrude: What? Your beliefs and values are not like mine! Why on earth are you following your own beliefs and values?

Hilda: I don’t know. Just was in a mood today I guess.

Gertrude: I am appalled. You know that in order to be my friend you must consult me on all things so that you are following MY beliefs and values.

Hilda: Not today Gertrude. I’m going to step outside of the box and do what I know in my heart to be right.

Gertrude: Oh Hilda, you will fail miserably.

Hilda: Just keepin it real dawg.

4 thoughts on “Eh? Say that again? No, still don’t get it.

  1. alterb4ego

    I have used that terminology before myself……I have people in my life who insist when they are doing wrong, it’s actually the right thing to do…….I have people in my life who have hurt me and seem to think they had every right to do so and act as if I don’t have the right to recall it or remember it or judge it……yes, there ARE people out there who don’t keep it real…….they delude themselves. Why, your blog about taking responsibility for your own happiness and situation in life was just the type of blog that says…….”keep it real”…….but I do agree the phrase is highly overused and often by people who aren’t keeping it real.


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