Put on your big girl panties


I truly believe that those born in less than ideal situations can overcome those situations with mere ambition. I’ve often heard “Well, they can’t help it. Look where they came from.” I just don’t believe that is true. Some people seem to be addicted to being a victim. If you keep playing the part of victim you never have to stand up and take responsibility for your current situation. It’s the easy way out.
Before you get your panties in a wad you should know that I speak from experience and not from the outside looking in. I think in my early twenties my favorite phrase was “Oh, I can’t afford that and I will never be able to.” As long as I kept that attitude I brought it to fruition. I rolled pennies to buy gas for my car and a bag of dry beans to throw in the crock pot. At one point I worked three months straight without a day off. I did it partly because I couldn’t figure out how I was going to pay my insurance and partly because I simply hated going home. I was in a situation where the other person living in my household had issues. I will not tell his issues as those are his business and not mine. Pity City was a place I loved to live. It was a place where I could make excuses for everything that was wrong in my life. It was all someone else’s fault of course. Never could it be mine. I was quite proficient in the art of worry. I was wound tight and shook so bad that I had to give up my checkbook because I could not hold my hand steady enough to write a check anymore. I was depressed but did not understand that it was a medical condition. I even dabbled with anorexia often going days without eating until I didn’t have the energy to stand on my own. Until the day I woke up. The fog cleared. I think I just got tired and finally stood up.
I packed up my physical belongings but more importantly I packed up my excuses and set out to make some big changes. I decided not to be poor anymore. I decided not to be a doormat anymore. I decided it was my job to drag my butt to where I wanted to be.
Today I am no millionaire but I can walk in the grocery store and buy all the food that I want. My shaking is at a minimum and I have no real worries. This is my version of rich.

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