Leaving a good legacy


Ok, so now I finally get it. You’ve all seen the posts: “People will not remember what you did but how you made them feel.”

When death comes all of your accolades are useless. Don’t believe me? Go to a funeral. No one says “Oh how wonderful they were at their job” or “Look how splendidly they provided for their family”. Nope, what you will actually hear is “Remember the time they did ____. I never laughed so hard” or “Remember how thoughtful they were? They always made everyone feel so welcome.” Your legacy is how you make people feel. That is what they will remember you for.  When your lifeless body lies in a casket nobody gives a hoot if you earned a million dollars, lived in a 3,000 sf house or drove a Mercedes.

My husband often tells this story:

A man in town died but no one particularly cared for him. He was rather cantankerous. He needed to be buried but there was no one who could think of a kind word to say over his grave. The Preacher stood over his grave and said the only good thing he could think of. “He was a mighty fine whistler.”

Since I can’t whistle I really need to be kind to people. Bring my best Banana Pudding to a gathering. Make that phone call that I’ve been putting off. That’s what they will remember.

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