And then there were three

Blue PlaneThere’s no better rude awakening than death. Those that are left behind have no choice but to wake up and re-examine life. The bible says “Death where is thy sting?” Well, it’s right here. I don’t care how much faith you have. Death will rip you to the core leaving you barren and empty.

My Father left on July 21, 1984. I was 14 years old. My Mother and I had gone to a wedding in a neighboring town. While we were at the reception, our local Preacher and my Uncle showed up to retrieve us. It was hard to process. I looked up to the sky expecting to see him flying up there in his little blue plane. I was so sure he would be there. The things they were saying didn’t make any sense. Thirty nine year old men don’t just die while playing at their hobbies. They can’t when they have a wife and children. That’s not even logical. How can that be? We went to the funeral home though I’m not sure why. They wouldn’t let us see his body. It was necessary to have a closed casket. No saying goodbye. It seemed as though I walked in a glassed enclosure. I could hear people talking. I could see figures walking. I could not make sense out of anything. At the funeral I stood at the flag draped casket. My feet glued to the floor. I heard someone say I had to go sit down. I could not move. If I waked away I had to let go. I just stared at the Flag. Was he in there? They said he was.

Taking Off

3 thoughts on “And then there were three

  1. Kenneth Jobe

    I also lost a parent as a teenager. It shaped a lot of of the major decisions I made in my late teens and early twenties. I still remember the night like it was yesterday.

  2. Ramblings Mom

    Lost mine at 12 years old and it totally shaped my life for years to come. as for the glass case you spoke of, yes it feels just like that.


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