The Elephant in the Room


Who made this rule that we must be scared to say what we really feel? I thought honesty was the best policy? My family is notorious for shouting over the elephant in the room. “What elephant?” My Mother would say. I’m thinking maybe it’s the elephant making big piles of poo and running everyone off so that no one wants to come over anymore. You know, that elephant. No one will say “That elephant is mean”. We just walk around the elephant and smile sweetly while gritting our teeth. Why can’t we just look the elephant in the eye and say “Stop being a friggen elephant!” No one wants to call you or visit you because when they do you sit on them with your big elephant butt and squash the kind memories they did have of you (though they be real or imagined).

I actually did that once to two of the elephants in our family. They cried and were surprised that their actions even affected others. I have to assume that people don’t know when they are being elephants. Now I have to ask myself “Am I sometimes the elephant in the room?” I know my family would never tell me.

I know I have been guilty sometimes of avoiding elephants because I don’t want to argue. It takes so much energy and spirit to argue. I see my Mother in myself when I apologize for having mentioned the elephant and go back to pretending it’s not really there. Ok, so confronting an elephant is not easy. The elephant either gets angry or hurt. How are we ever going to stop an elephant if we do not confront it? Should we put on our cape, brace ourselves for the battle that is coming and face the friggen elephant? Is it not better that the elephant knows so that situations and be fixed? Why must the world suffer because we are scared to face the elephant? Aren’t we doing a disservice to others by letting it continue? You can’t control the elephant but you can sure make it look at what its actions do to others. There is the possibility that the elephant won’t care and will continue with its elephant antics. If we have faced the elephant and failed can we then go look at the zebras? I’m really getting sick of elephants.

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