I sooo deserve a crown!




This week marks our 15th wedding anniversary. Time has gone by fast but it has been so very full. Pete is the hardest working man I know and truly lives life. Sometimes he lives it on the edge but no one can ever accuse him of just existing. Ok, so he lives every day on the edge. He is a pusher of the proverbial envelope. I am a follower of rules. Please leave my envelope alone thank you.

When I first met Pete Fisk I did not care for him at all. He was egotistical, arrogant and believed himself to be quite the lady’s man. He flirted with every female he encountered regardless of age, race or religion. You could not accuse him of being prejudice. I think his wicked sense of humor and the fact that he isn’t scared of ANYTHING is what won me over. There is no job to big or no mountain so high that he will not run at it full speed ahead. He never even stops to consider that a thing couldn’t or shouldn’t be done.

Pete started referring to me as “Snoogie” from the beginning. It was so ridiculously goopy and he got a thrill out of explaining it to others when they raised a brow. You see, “Snoogie” if short for “Snoogie Woogie Bearies”. Oh yes, yes it is. He taught his co- workers to refer to me as Snoogie and the dang thing just stuck.

The first time I went to a Rendezvous (Historic Re-enactment) he introduced me to his friends as “The Current Reigning Mrs. Fisk as it is not a permanent position”. He loves shock value. Maybe a little too much.

When we first married he explained to me that I would be bringing him coffee in bed every morning for the rest of our lives. Actually what he said was “Some good looking woman is going to be bringing me coffee in bed every morning. Do you want to be her?” This includes the time we were camping and I had to bust the ice, build the fire and brew the life or death cup of Folgers in the early morning darkness while the coyotes howl.  He likes to get up early.

I can say the last 15 years of my life have never had a dull moment. He keeps me on my toes. We are so very opposite in many ways but apparently the old adage is true. Opposites attract. I think maybe we balance each other out. Or maybe I just keep him out of prison. Something like that….

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