Facebook – I’m a rather poor poet….

Whine, whine, spit and sputter.

Facebook has become a place like no utter.

We post our woes and our poor dashed dreams,

Hoping for comfort but finding more screams.

Misery loves company so I’ll share in your devastation,

If only you’ll promise to share your elations.

Find some joy in this day to tell,

For your wearing me out with your dramas to quell.

Do not forget, I also need cheering,

Whilst in your own world, you sit there sneering.

Some post of Jesus and his hopes to spread,

If you don’t forward the news, soon you’ll be dead.

There’s pictures of money, lotto tickets and such,

If you don’t forward these you’ll never find luck.

You’ll find all the Birthdays on the right of the screen,

If you do not reply, they’ll think you are mean.

So do your duty with diligence I say,

And spread good cheer to all today.


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