School Mascots

Lonoke School District really should change their School Mascot. I’d like to know who, why and how the Jack Rabbits came about. Have you ever been walking through the forest and you came upon a jack rabbit and you were all “RUN FOR YOU LIVES! IT’S A WILD BUNNY!” No? Maybe not……

I came from a school of the Hornets. Yes, they are a tiny little creature but if you accidently walk into their personal space you will pee your pants trying to get away while making high pitched screams of fear.

I wonder why no one ever uses a spider as a mascot? It doesn’t have to be anything lethal like the brown recluse. It could be the simple garden spider. Those things are very intimidating with their yellow and black bodies though they don’t actually like to dine on the human flesh. Mosquitos are their thing. They also make this cool web with zzzz’s in it. Ever run into one of those while pulling weeds? You suddenly turn into Chuck Norris. I once had one crawl across my bare foot while out trimming my lavender with garden shears. Only, I forgot I was holding the garden shears when I saw the spider and stabbed myself in the foot to shoo it away. I scared the hooey out of that spider.

I think the perfect school mascot would be the platypus. Have you ever really looked at a platypus? It’s an animal made of leftover parts that seem to have no rhyme or reason. First of all, it’s a mammal that lays eggs. Then it is semi-aquatic. Can’t even decide where it is supposed to live. It is an egg laying, duck billed, otter footed mammal with a spur on its hind foot for delivering venom like a snake. I kid you not. You know God did an all-out gut jiggling laugh when he created this one. “THE FIGHTING PLATYPUS” makes perfect sense. We confuse our enemy with our humorous look then we spur them when their doubled over with laughter.

2 thoughts on “School Mascots

  1. JC

    My school mascot was a kangaroo. Yes, I’m serious. Completely embarrassing. How can anyone be intimidated by a cute and cuddly “roo”?


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